DNA Based Computers Now

Dr. Farrell has many times described his concern for the compartmentalized halls of science and the “devil-may-care” attitude that research scientists take towards the implications and end-results of research projects. The progressive science meme has operated for a long time and shows only the occasional sign of caution (such as Google’s Kill Switch). It’s mostly a car without brakes careening into the future. It’s as if science is trying to outrun humanity’s black swan probability by risking black swans of its own.

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The Little Mermaid

Far out in the ocean, where the water is as blue as the prettiest cornflower, and as clear as crystal, it is very, very deep; so deep, indeed, that no cable could fathom it: many church steeples, piled one upon another, would not reach from the ground beneath to the surface of the water above. There dwell the Sea King and his subjects.

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Charlie Sings!

Believe it or not, Charles Manson was once a singer-songwriter with weighty ambitions. He never made it into the Los Angeles music scene, but he did have associations with Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson. The most well-known recordings of Charles Manson’s music were released on an acoustic album of 14 songs called “LIE: Love and the Terror Cult.” Collected here are Charles Manson song renditions by famous artists as early as The Beach Boys and more recent examples by Lemonheads, Guns ‘N Roses and Marilyn Manson.

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