Ancient ‘Unicorn’ Rhino

A prehistoric “fuzzy rhinoceros” sometimes credited as a potential source of the unicorn myth, may have lived at the same time as humans, new research has suggested.

Several animals have been cited as inspirations for a magical horse with a single, powerful horn, including the oryx and the narwhal whale — whose tusks were sometimes traded as evidence of unicorns in the middle ages.

The Elasmotherium sibiricum, or ‘Siberian rhinoceros’, is another compelling contender; with a single horn, standing six feet tall with huge teeth it was very different to the classic unicorn of myth, but was in some ways visually similar. And it’s a mistake that’s been made at least once — a reference to a ‘unicorn’ in travel diaries ascribed to Marco Polo almost certainly describe a Javan rhino.

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The Flying Unicorn



Regina was a unicorn.

She was a very special unicorn, and her tribe considered her one of the greatest creatures in the world, for Regina had wings, and she could fly.

Great big gossamer wings the color of moonlight, could take her soaring into the air above, her white body gleaming in the sun at day, and sparkling in the moon-and star-light at night.

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